Learn to embroider with tips

This app how to learn to embroider teaches you the basics of hand embroidery.Learning to embroider with embroidery stitches by hand, is not as difficult as you might think, with a little practice, you can pick it up.In addition, learning to embroider is a beautiful and relaxing activity that you can do online after a long day of stress, while watching television or listening to your favorite music, if you are fond of making easy handmade embroidery.These stitches are the basis for embroidery, and in this app there are a lot of different stitches as well.In this how to learn to embroider step by step guide, you will discover the design of many stitches: stitch back, split stitch, satin stitch, stitch stitch, French knot and seed knots and filling stitches.There are different types of embroidery and accessories and in this app we will show you how to place and how to make embroidery stitches:- The embroidery ring, this is a ring consisting of two parts. You put the fabric between the rings, and this helps keep it taut, making embroidery easier.- Small sharp scissors, like embroidery scissors and with them you will get what you need.- Fabric of your choice, cotton padding, canvas and osnaburg, are all excellent options! Remember that the fabric should not be too loose or too tight in the frame.- Embroidery thread in all colors- Needles to embroider, these have larger eyes than normal needles to accommodate the size of the silk or ribbon.- Water soluble marker or other marking tool, in this way you can draw designs on the fabric.Whichever fabric you like muslin, cotton padding, cloth clothes, they really all work well. It is also usually done by hand embroidery or machine embroidery in a linen mixture.There are several ways on how to learn to embroider:* How to make the stitching* How to make the split stitch* How to make a French knot* How to make the mother stitch* How to make satin stitchesThese apps allow you to share the lessons of how to learn to embroider easily through social networks.From your menu you can vote this application in a simple way and make beautiful embroidery garments, besides being able to access the other free applications that we have for you.Thank you for downloading our free app on how to make the wonderful embroidery technique, and remember that you can share it with others at no cost!
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