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Home construction is dependent on a set of simple house plans, layout and specifications. It's time to use all the sketches and designs you may have already collected for making the house plans. This is the main home plan by which architects, engineers, suppliers and bankers determine the look of a home, the total area, things that go into it and many other factors.A well thought of house layout plan is the foremost step to building a home. The best house plan should take into account factors like family size, requirements of the individuals, future necessities, suggestions from the entire family about designing the spaces etc., together with adherence to core factors concerning natural lighting, ventilation and privacy.Simple House PlansA house design plan or floor blueprint includes the following aspects:- Foundation plan - this plan shows the dimensions and shape of the home's foundation which includes outside foundation walls along with any interior pillars or columns. This plan will be used in house floor.- Home Floor plan - will indicate rooms and spaces, the sizes and the general flow of the house. The number of rooms - bedrooms, bath, kitchen, living, dining, study, guest room etc. will feature here. Also the positioning of the doors and windows.- Elevation plan - the elevation plan shows the overall appearance and shape of the building from all sides, including how many floors, whether split level, building height, verandah or open spaces, roof type etc.- Site plan - this plan shows the entire plot drawn to scale, how the house sits on the layout, along with other major outdoor features like walkways, drives, fences, retaining walls, patios, wells, septic tanks etc.Those are the short description of this android application. So, if want to get the best home layout with many style, and types. You can see our selected pictures in this 3D simple house plan app.Minimalist houses are becoming very popular and in demand by many people and home developers today. especially for those who have limited land but want to have a house with many rooms eg living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom separately. The solution is by using a 2-storey minimalist house design that can certainly be applied in a narrow area.In building a simple 2-storey minimalist house, the existence of a minimalist home photo is indispensable, moreover a drawing sketch of a 2 floor minimalist house will help in mapping the room of the house. Moreover, the 2nd floor minimalist house plan is in 3d shape, with explanation of the clear picture dimension of course makes it easy for us to understand the design of modern 2-storey house plan.3D Simple House Plan can be an overwhelming process, especially if you want a simple home. When searching websites, books and magazines for desirable house plans, be sure to keep the following plan categories in mind for the perfect basic home.Small House Design, with fewer than thousand square feet of living space, are intended to be simple to build. These homes often are simple in terms of floor plans and ornamentation, yet they can have a lot character and feel much larger if well planned.
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