DIY Creative Patchwork Project Ideas

Do you know about patchwork? Rags are the fabric of the garments. If you go to a garment factory or a tailor, you will see pieces of the remaining little cloths from making clothes. Pieces of cloth are called patchwork. For large companies as well as tailors, patchworks include waste and must be thrown away. Because the amount is very much and too time-consuming to take care of the patchwork. Therefore, garment companies or tailors are more likely to throw away the remains of the fabric.Patchwork is one of the materials that can be used to make various crafts and very easy to get. Usually patchwork is often found in tailors or convection production. patchwork is the remains of a piece of cloth that is no longer used.However, for those who know that utilizing a patchwork includes an enormous opportunity to become a business, it will not waste that opportunity. In that sense, they will utilize the patchwork into an item that has a high economic value. The rags can be used as handicrafts where the craft has a high selling value. Usually, crafts are made in the form of daily necessities, such as refrigerator lid, television cover, to horden.The results of using the patchwork is also not less good with items made with expensive fabrics. Precisely making the goods with patchwork has a plus value, which has a high artistic value.Here are some examples of handmade rags that you can make inspiration or examples in making handicrafts from patchwork.- Bedcover- Curtain patchwork- Pillow patchwork- Patchwork handicraft
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