4th Wall app invites you to walk and teleport through:- Nancy Baker Cahill's LA studio in 360 degrees- Four of her original Virtual Reality drawings translated into Augmented Reality- A hologram of Baker Cahill discussing her work.Updated features include:"Coordinates" is a new, ongoing, collaborative public AR art exhibition whichinvites the viewer to be physically present at specific locations. When viewersselect this feature, based on their location, they will be directed toward artworks -translated into AR-- created by artists that activate the historically, politically orculturally significant sites they have chosen. "Coordinates" aims to inspirethoughtful dialogue and expand our understanding of public art.Artworks may include sound so make sure to check for the sound button on theright hand menu when observing an artwork on site."Coordinates" will be updated frequently and will regularly include new artists,artworks, and locations.More on the "Coordinates" project:Invited collaborating artists choose their work of art to be translated into AR,where they would like it placed for its conceptual or historical significance, and/ orits relationship to the artwork itself. Each artist is credited as their image appearsonscreen.- The "News" featureNews will note new artists' artworks and sites as they appear in "Coordinates."Artists and locations will also be updated regularly on 4thwallapp.org.- Additional VR/AR drawings update:Users can pinch or expand Nancy Baker Cahill's dimensional drawings andhologram to scale, rotate, place and record them in the environment of theirchoice. They can walk and teleport through her LA studio in 360 degrees.Additional information:Camera and video buttons allow viewers to take photos and record all ARexperiences in any context, anywhere in the world. Photos and videos areautomatically stored in viewers' iPhoto collections when "Access to Photos" isenabled. Viewers are encouraged to share across social media platforms usingthe hashtags: #4thwallapp #Coordinates #4thwallcoordinates and any #ARiteration they choose.Tapping on one Baker Cahill's AR dimensional drawings, the Studio, or the Artistbutton in the menu, viewers will be prompted to gently move their phone left to right to place scene. Within seconds, the AR experience will appear wherever theviewer has aimed their camera.To teleport into and through the studio, place finger on floor or where you want toteleport until starburst icon appears, then tap icon. Viewers can also walk throughevery AR experience offered.To mute hologram or Coordinates sound, turn off phone's sound button or tap the"home" icon in the bottom right corner. If you cannot hear hologram orCoordinates sound, turn phone's sound button on.Enjoy the app in portrait or landscape mode!FROM THE ARTIST:"I am excited to expand the 4th Wall app AR public art platform to include fellowartists I admire for their topical and rigorous work, who have chosen where theywould like a specific artwork to be experienced in situ. I invite viewers to visit theirspecific sites and experience their works in AR.We hope 4th Wall inspires a new understanding and engagement with AR asviewer-driven "public art" and democratizes access to fine art in general,available to almost anyone with a smartphone or tablet.As an artist, I am always looking to expand and engage a larger and morediverse audience. Our hope is that viewers all over the world respond to thedrawings and harness their own creativity to place them in all kinds of contexts.Art truly can be anywhere.We are at the beginning of what is possible. With Drive Studios' Creative DirectorRich Lee and the innovative team at Drive Studios, I believe we have engagedthe medium in a thoughtful and responsible way, and my hope is that others willdo the same." - Nancy Baker Cahill(c)nancybakercahill2018
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