Art Poser

Take your coffee, your favourite pencil and paper. Enjoy the hours of fun with drawing and sketching with Art Poser. It is easy and it is fun.Whether you are an experienced artist or just a hobbyist, if you like drawing human characters this application will be your best companion. With Art Poser you can practice and develop your figure drawing skills and speed. You dive into the endless number of combination setups within seconds. Shaping a pose is very easy : just touch a body part then rotate with sliders, that's it. You don't want to create poses yourself ? No, problem. You can load ready-to-use preloaded poses.Art Poser Features :Pose DisplayerReplaces your desktop wooden mannequin and brings you the time and motivation that you lose when trying to pose it. Just concentrate on your drawing. You can easily switch back and forth between poses. Also you have several body type options to choose from. You can use preloaded poses or even display your custom poses.Timed Random Pose DisplayerDisplays random viewing point, pose and character combinations sequentially for a predefined amount of time. This is a great exercise to develop your drawing skills and speed. And recommended by many drawing experts. You will see the huge improvements on your perception and drawing speed after using this module. Duration for displaying each pose can be adjusted.Built-in EditorDo you want to draw a custom pose ? Or do you need an extraordinary pose ? Art Poser comes to your aid with the built-in editor modules. You can change existing poses, or create new poses with these easy to use modules. It is very easy to pose a figure. Just select a body part and rotate with slider controls.One Time PaymentThe number of app features, included content, preloaded poses increase with every update. You don't have to pay for every single new feature or content you like in the app. With Art Poser you pay once, everything is unlocked and receive all future updates and new contents for free. No membership, no login screens, no remote features. Download once, use anytime without interruptions.For Art Poser tutorials please take a visit to our official site :
Price USD 2.99
License Purchase
Version 2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None