Enter the journey to become an edru artist, create amazing art and add more shapes and patterns to your life.Smart, colorful and packed with creative possibilities, Edru is a digital simulator which recreates the Ebru marbling paint techniques for smartphones and tablets.Edru liquid paint Features:- Relaxing visual animation , real time digital marbling painting.- 5 marbling tools - Drop, stroke, combs, arc and splash.- Ability to create/save/edit your own color palettes, unlimited colors.- Export Engine, Redraws your painting in 8X or 16X higher quality.- Save/Share/Print your draws in high quality png or Vector SVG- Control background color- File browser to manage your drawings- Print service with safe user account.- Fast and intuitive interface.- Ambient background music - Sending draws by Email, SMS, MMS.- Sharing draws with friends through social networking.Edru marbling paint allows you to create and print in high quality :Marbling textures WallpapersPaintingsCanvasTextilesStickersPrintable objectsMarbling artPouring ArtMandala ArtAbstract artPsychedelic artDigital artFluid paintingAmazing new patterns Paint swirling Ideal for a relaxing experience.Tools : _____________________Drop Use your finger or stylus pen to drop ink into the canvas. Press anywhere on the screen and relaxing rings of colors will form, use your imagination and creativity to create amazing patterns.Settings : Change drop size_____________________Stroke Use your finger or stylus pen to drag your ink in horizontal or vertical lines. Slide slowly where you wish to apply the stroke and add true marble patterns to your drawings.Change needle size, horizontal and vertical drag._____________________Combs Use your finger or stylus pen to drag your ink in horizontal or vertical lines simultaneously. Slide slowly anywhere to apply 1 to 10 teeth combs and add complex marble patterns to your drawings._____________________Arc Use your finger or stylus pen to drag your ink in circular lines, press on the screen and a 360' line will start rotating around it. Very hard to achieve in the real world, this tool is a marbling wonder. Settings : Change arc radius_____________________SplashUse your finger or stylus pen to drop several drops simultaneously . Press the screen and notice how the splash creates amazing liquid shapes._____________________ColorsCreate 5 colors palettesChange background _____________________ Share/Save/ExportSave/Open/delete your paintingsShare your paintings in high quality png image. 8 X the vertices density of the animation canvasExport your paintings in Vector graphics(SVG) file. 16 X the vertices density of the animation canvas_____________________ Print service You can also order big formats from our print service.High quality photo paper (200gr/m2)High quality matte canvas (240 gr/m2) are available.
Operating System Android