For centuries the blade has always been an important tool in human evolution People are constantly using knives every day for important tasks such as cutting food making surgical incisions and saving lives in emergency situations but with whatever has been there for so long there are a number of knife designs which is really weird and sillyHowever, it is impossible to put a plain knife into our bag to carry everywhere your friends will be very surprised to see there is a knife in your bag one of the solutions is to design a knife that does not look like a knife from the outsideKnife is also an ordinary object to be used as a tool for kitchen and other purposes but have you ever thought to collect these knives there are many kinds of unique knives and the design is as attractive as possible and many people who took the initiative to collect though unique but This knife certainly has its own functionA dangerous knife must be a sharp knife it can not be denied but what if a knife is made not only sharp but also in such a way is made to cause serious injury
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