Artist Sketch, Draw, Paint and Photo Edit

Artist is a simple to use app that helps you create stunning art, images and illustrations easily and quickly.Use a range of tools and features to create the art, banner, illustration, photograph or image that you imagine.You can take an existing photograph or image and edit and add to it with colors, features and creativity.Or you can start with a blank canvas and fill it with rich colors, shapes, sketches and touch-ups.Expand your creativity and have fun. Create your own art and pictures and share these with friends. Make greeting cards with a personal touch. Images for your wallpaper and screen saver. Selfies and photographs with added effects. Cartoons, illustrations, sketches and doodles.Features. Capture photographs or select from gallery. Start with a blank canvas for an illustration. Use a range of draw, edit and text tools. Select colors, line thicknesses, styles and sizes. Sketch and create effects. Edit pixel by pixel. Zoom and drag for ease of editing. Create high-res art and illustrations. Undo and redo to make corrections. Save artworks to edit them again later
Operating System Android