Caricature Sketches

Caricature is a drawing or representation of a concrete object by exaggerating the characteristic of the object, usually the object is human waja. The word caricature comes from the Italian word caricare which means to give a charge or exaggeration. Caricature depicts a known subject and is generally intended to infect humor for those who know the subject. Caricature is distinguished from cartoons because caricatures do not form stories like cartoons, but caricatures can be an element in cartoons, for example in editorial cartoons. The person who makes the caricature is called a caricature.The caricature as it is known today dates from 16th century Italy. In the 18th century, caricatures have reached the wider community through printed media and, especially in Britain, have become a means of social and political critique. Apart from being a form of art and entertainment, caricatures have also been used in the field of psychology to examine how humans recognize faces.In making caricatures, caricaturists make observations to determine the characteristics that make the subject different from others, and exaggerate the trait. To that end, caricatures compare the subject's face with the average person's face, and exaggerate the difference. For example, if the caricature subject has a longer nose than the average person, the subject's nose picture in his caricature will be much longer. However, how characteristic is exaggerated often depends on the style of each caricature drawing.
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