Shell Craft Ideas

After a trip to the shore, why not turn seaside treasures into keepsakes and accents for your home? Get inspired by these creative Shell Craft Ideas.We see seashells by the sea or doesn't the rhyme go something like that? We forget. but what we do know, is that our kids love collecting shells - all the time. They are irresistible, so I thought it would be nice for us to have a Shell Craft Ideas hangout for you and create this sea shell craft video! We love nature crafts for kids and we especially love shell craft ideas!What to do with all those shells, though? You know you bring home tons just dreaming of the things that you'll create. We are going to make it easy for you. We've collected over 50 fabulous Shell Craft Ideas that you can put those seashells to good use. From home decor like wreaths and candles to jewelry and just about everything in between, there's definitely something in this collection that's going to make you want to head out to the beach and grab a few more shells. You can do some of these Shell Craft Ideas even if you don't have a collection of your own. Speaking of beaches, there's also a really cool way to treat sunburns that you should check out.Picked up a few seashells during your last beach trip? Or have a seashell collection you'd like to show off? Here are our Shell Craft Ideas for how to use those seashells in beautiful crafts. Add a touch of the salted sea air without all the annoying sand when you learn how to make crafts with seashells. Seashell decor is a pretty way to make your nautical touches come with a side of nature.These Shell Craft Ideas for adults were designed by our readers and are tried and true ways to add a bit of seashell style to your home. Perfect for your bathroom, beach house, or summer home decor DIY crafts, these over 50 Shell Craft Ideas are sure to transform your space.Let's get started crafting with those shells. Before we're through, your house will look like it belongs on the beach with the other cottages. We'll fill it with beach-worthy decor from top to bottom! Before you go shell collecting, please check with your local beach whether it is allowed and always wash your shells thoroughly once home and let them dry completely before using them!
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