Scary DIY Halloween Topiaries

These sweet little Halloween topiaries are a cinch to make, and inexpensive, too. Make a few extra pairs for hostess gifts and Halloween teacher's gifts, too.Completion time - Less than 1 hourMaterialsSTYROFOAM Brand Foam6" x 3" cone; 2" ball; scrap pieceOther MaterialsButtons, two - three each of yellow, orange and whCandy cornLow temp glue gun & glue sticksNewspaperRibbon, 8" lengthScrap paper (for pattern)Scrapbook papers: 12" x 12"; one each yellow, oranSpray paint, blackTerra cotta pot, 2-1/2" wideWood dowel, 6" lengthToolsPencilRulerScissorsInstructions1. Cover work surface with newspaper. Following instructions on the can, spray paint the pot and wood dowel black and let dry. Hint: Insert the dowel into a scrap piece of STYROFOAM Brand Foam to hold it upright while it dries.2. Make the cone pattern. Place foam cone on the edge of sheet of scrap paper. Roll the cone across the paper while tracing the bottom curve with a pencil. Roll cone back to the edge, tracing the curve at the top of the cone. 3. To make the bottom layer, measure 2" up from the bottom curve; this is the pattern for the yellow scrapbook paper. To make the top section, measure down 1-1/2" from the top curve; this is the pattern for the white scrapbook paper. The middle, 2-1/2" layer is for the orange scrapbook paper. 4. Using patterns, cut layers of the candy corn from scrapbook papers.5. Wrap each layer around the foam cone and glue in back. 6. Glue 2" ball into the bottom of the terra cotta pot.7. Insert wood dowel into foam ball, pushing in all of the way. Remove the dowel and insert it into the bottom of the foam cone. Remove the dowel, add glue to each hole, then re-insert the dowel. 8. Glue assorted buttons to the top of the cone. 9. Glue ribbon around rim of pot.10. Fill pot with candy corn to cover the foam ball. for further information and detail tutorial, download this application now and you will have what you want. please enjoy this tutorial and give us any feedback.
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