Inspired Music Practice Journal

* Organize & Track Your Practice * Earn & Share Achievements * Built in Audio Player, Recorder, Metronome, & Tuner * Inspirational Quotes * Customizable Background > Pro Quality Audio Player & Recorder - Import songs from your device's local iTunes Library. *DRM protected song files downloaded from Apple Music or other streaming services cannot be imported.* - Playback audio at the highest possible quality on your iOS device. Slow down or speed up playback from 40% up to 200% of normal speed without changing pitch. - Set up playback loops quickly and easily by setting your own start and stop time and then playback at any speed. - Record yourself and play it back at any speed to critique your progress. - Share your recordings via text or email. - Record lesson exercises and practice along with them at home at any speed. >Organize & Track Your Practice- - Create a journal for each instrument you practice. - Parents or teachers can create a journal for each of their students. - Add an unlimited number of journals with an unlimited number of exercises. - Organize and search exercise lists quickly and easily. - Each exercise has a unique note pad and audio play list. - Track and share each exercise's total practice time, repetitions, and last day practiced. - View and share data summary for each journal. Data summary includes: - Total practice time. - Total number of days practiced. - Days in a row practiced. - Average time practiced per day. - Average time per practice session. - Average number of days practiced per week. >Achievements - Earn achievements for your practice. - Share achievements as you earn. - Share your entire achievements gallery. >Inspiration - Included is a collection of hundreds of encouraging quotes for when you are in need of inspiration or motivation. - Share your favorites! >Change Background Theme - More than 20 different backgrounds to choose from for each journal. >Metronome - High quality and extremely accurate click from 30 beats per minute up to 240 beats per minute. - Accent clicks for meter. - Subdivide beats on eighth notes, sixteenth notes, or triplets. >Instrument Tuner - Multiple tuning modes including Chromatic, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Viola, and Cello. - Tune by ear using the built-in 'pitch pipe' tone generator. >iCloud Optional - Sync your Inspired Practice data on all of your iOS devices or choose to store data locally on a single device. Ad-Free!
Price USD 5.99
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Version 1.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements None