The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Part 2) - Audiobook Puzzles

Listen to some of the best Sherlock stories in this interactive app. Thanks to the recent series staring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, Sherlock is hotter than ever. Perhaps it is time to acquaint yourself with the original master detective that solved mysteries in Victorian London. Key Characters: Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes is the key character in all of the stories in this collection. He is a "consulting detective," what we would today call a private investigator. Apparently, not long after the started his career as a detective, he needed more money and took Watson on as a roommate in his apartment. He lives and works out of 221B Baker street, a small but well furnished apartment with 17 steps leading up the the room from the street. Although he may have needed money at one time, by the time of these stories he is comfortably well off. So much so that he often doesn't charge at all for his services. Holmes's chief characteristic and his most useful trait is his cold, calculating mind and his method of deduction. He is able to devise theories to explain crimes with the smallest amount of evidence. He, as he constantly tells Watson, sees what other do not see. He believes that the details of a case are all important and he will often question a client about the most, seemingly, irrelevant detail of their account. Dr. John Watson Dr. Watson is Sherlock Holmes's intimate friend and partner. Watson narrates all of these stories and acts as something like Holmes's biographer in that he writes many of the interesting cases into stories that he publishes. Holmes's is very fond of Watson though he believes that Watson has ruined his stories by making them too sensational and sentimental. Originally Watson was Holmes's roommate, but the too men became fast friends and began to solve mysteries together. Watson was originally a military doctor who served with the army in colonial Afghanistan. He still keeps his military revolver which Holmes's asks him to bring on several of their investigations. Watson is intelligent, but lacks the power of Holmes's skills of deduction. Holmes tries to instruct Watson, but his methods seem beyond the doctor. A bachelor for many years, Watson married Mary Morstan, a character from The Sign of Four before the beginning of most of these stories. The exclusive Audio Book Puzzles range feature classic books and/or stories that are professionally narrated and will enrich your imagination. These books can be enjoyed for free and each app is optimised for your mobile device. Relax, sit back and enjoy the ride. Optionally listeners are treated to themed Jigsaw puzzles that match the tone of each of the books chapters. Puzzles come in three different difficulties and uses a intuitive touch interface. Features: + Enjoy the classic detective stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle + Professionally narrated + Quality sound + Beautifully illustrated + Solve themed puzzles in 3 difficulty settings
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