Zorry - No hard feelings

Zorry is a network where users co-write micro stories to generate crowdsourced fiction. You can use Zorry to either initiate a story in 500 characters or less, or take an already inititaed story further using your imagination. Imagine a network where a story's next twist lies in your imagination. The network will give you a creative licence to add as many twists to a tale as it suits you. Zorry will host multiple such stories with multiple co-authors in various genres created and built upon in real time. So, the story that you may have started would reach a new stage with each addition from a new user with each passing minute.Either you can take a story forward by using your real identity(and you will be duly credited for it) or simply by impersonationg somebody else to create social satire. We all love stories. Compelling stories are, often, about a fee interesting characters. Some we relate to, others we don't. The common thread in each story being the leap of imagination which takes us to this make-believe lala land where ordinary rules don't apply. Well, Zorry is this virtual lala land. Join this magical world of imagination and impersonation. START a story in 500 characters or less.Let OTHERS take it FORWARD.Use PARODY by IMPERSONATING a known figure.Share CROWDSOURCED fiction. Get CREDITED.Content rating: High Maturity
File Size1.64 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.