Dragon Jigsaw Puzzles

We Love Jigsaw Puzzle!Play the best jigsaw puzzle games!Become the puzzle master!About Dragon breed:Generally the most common in Fantasy dragon has Dragon (usually the most powerful dragon species), Black Dragon (Breath attack is a strong acid), White Dragon (Breath attacks is cold), Red Dragon (Dragon Flame Breath attack) Blue dragon (Breath attack is lightning), green Dragon (Breath attack is gas), as well as the Silver Dragon, dragon copper, brass dragons, bronze dragons, as well as God's one of the patterns White Dragon, Dragon of all color and of none, but also representatives of the Dragon dragon mediocre deep Red Dragon.About the image of the dragon and features:Dragon has a strong body, long, thick neck, angular or frilly head, sharp teeth, a long tail and a pair of giant wings like a bat wing dragon fly will go to swim, there are some Spitfire will be. in a lot of literature has appeared in "dragon eggs" or "dragon eggs" It seems that the dragon should be oviparous creatures.Long also frequently appeared as a human partner, and so was born the Dragon Knight, tame dragons and other professional people, dragons exist usually associated with beauty princess and warrior.About Dragon Source:It appeared in appeared in various literary and artistic works and construction, monuments In the Bible and ancient Chinese dragon legends have appeared, both in the West or the East, it is a powerful force everyone in awe.Puzzles, as the most popular games, were adapted for modern Android devices. It is easy and comfortable now to lay out the puzzles. You can just download the game and in some seconds final it will be installed on your phone. You don't need any special requirements, annexes or user's skills. Everything is easy and understandable. The whole computer game repeats the process of an ordinary jigsaw puzzle, but instead of one picture, you will have the whole set of thematic images. Play at puzzles, train your brain.This jigsaw puzzle app is a fun & free jigsaw puzzle game applicable for all ages. They improve cognitive skills, stimulate memory, logical thinking, develop social skills, and so on. In other words, they make you smarter!How to play:Drag or Slide the puzzle pieces to the right place in order to recreate the image.Many cool features waiting for you to challenge.*Two game modes suit for all age.* More than 100+ shapes.* More than 1000+ online web albums will add in more games.* Masters and score leaderboard.* Save pictures to your device.* Set picture as wallpaper.The app also have Android iPad,iPhone,Mac and Pc version.You can follow us via twitter,Facebook,google plus and weibo and weixin.This game can give the users a higher wisdom and a sense of accomplishment!Our selection of these pictures are very cool, if you set it as your mobile wallpaper will feel very very fashionable. If you share these wallpaper to your friend, and I believe will give your friends a surprise.The photo will be cut into 3x3;4x4;5x5 components, you must fight all the puzzle to the right place. You can click "Tip" to view the photos, when you finish it, you can set it as wallpaper photos, and enter the next game.More games are coming,Please feel free to e-mail us with any bug reports, requests, or questions!Puzzles-game available for all ages. But first of all, exactly, you will enjoy with this interesting game and will be busy for a long time.More than 100 high-quality photos/wallpaper of beautiful theme category images. All pictures in this app are HD resolutions savable and usable as wallpapers!Let's begin the game, aim for your Hi-Score and and challenge the awesome photos now!!About Copyright:Each of our game in the 100 pictures have been rigorous selection, review of copyright issues.We also filter out may copyrighted games or anime picture. If you find the existence of pictures of copyright infringement, please contact us to remove the picture.Keywords:jigsaw puzzle,dragon,fantasyContent rating: Medium Maturity
File Size2.61 MB
Operating System Android
System RequirementsCompatible with 2.3.3 and above.