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A very comprehensive App on World War II made specifically for the iPad. Brings World War 2 alive on your iPad screen. World War II Interactive covers the biggest conflict in history with stunning photos, videos and speeches and amazing design. Reading a traditional book does not do justice to World War II. A rich interactive experience with text, audio, video and photos is required, which this app will give you. In this free version of the paid app, the events, timelines, battles of 1940 are free to view, browse and experience. Remaining years can be unlocked with a single in-app purchase.Read about the major battles and events of WW2 in detail. Swipe through the timelines for every month of the war. Watch rare video clips. Listen to famous speeches. See amazing photographs. Learn about the leaders, weapons, conferences, major operations, etc. More details about these are mentioned below. Benefits: - Ideal for anyone above age 10: kids, adults and WWII enthusiasts alike. - Far better than reading a book. Spend hours with it. - Gives you a complete overview of World War II. - Doesn't overload you with unnecessary extra information. - Beautifully designed with visuals and sounds. - Very easy to navigate, use, read and understand. - Features a complete index making it easy to jump to any section at any time. You can see a video demo of the app at ----------------More Details--------------- Topics covered: The App is divided into 9 periods: Events leading to the war (1918-1938), the 7 years of the war (1939-1945) and events after the war. All the major battles and events (from every theater of the war) are summarized in detail. Topics covered include Rise of Hitler, German Blitzkrieg, Winter war, Battle of France, Dunkirk, Britain, North Africa, Operation Barbarossa, Pearl Harbor, Holocaust, all major battles of Pacific war theater, D-Day, Burma, invasion of Italy, Germany and Japan, atomic bombings, etc. and many more. The important leaders, weapons, conferences, etc. have all been covered. Timelines: 8 extensive timelines for the events during 1918-1938 and in detail for every month of the war from 1939 to 1945. Tap on the timeline to learn more about the person, weapon or event mentioned. Photographs: Over 600 amazing photographs with an exclusive Photo Features section featuring propaganda posters, lighter moments, leaders, armaments, etc. Videos: More than 35 rare video clips of major battles, airplanes and events including - Adolf Hitler in Paris - Pearl Harbor bombing - Battle of Stalingrad - D-Day landings and Battle of Normandy - Atomic bombing of Nagasaki - The Japanese surrender ceremony aboard USS Missouri - and Many More. Speeches: Famous speeches including - Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" speech - Eisenhower's D-Day message - Churchill announcing the surrender of Germany - Harry Truman announcing the surrender of Japan - and more. Immerse in World War 2 like an active participant and emerge victorious with the Allies once again. Do like the app on
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