WitchCraft Initiation

Are you curious about spell casting? Maybe you've tried working some magic in the past and it didn't work out right. Magic is actually pretty easy once you know the secrets that make spells successful.Magic is not exclusive to Pagans. Catholics perform magic at mass when lighting candles while saying prayers. Prayers like Hail Mary and Our Father are chants that are not so different from chants of the old religions. There are many forms of magic that you perform everyday without realizing it. Crossing your fingers, throwing pennies in a well for luck and wishing on stars are all forms of magic.Application Features:Before starting any spells, know exactly what you want. Focus and confidence are important while spell casting. There is a secret to spell casting and no spell will work unless you know it. You must not only believe that your spell will work but you must feel like it already has worked.Another important thing to remember is that magic can only change the changeable. For example, you can cast spells that help remove an illness but you cannot perform a spell to grow back an amputated limb. You will not be able to fly, become invisible or raise the dead by using magic but you can attract love, money, happiness and remove negative forces.Quick Guide to Witchcraft brings you a beginners guide on how to get started in Magic, and the app features the following:*General Info: Warnings about Magic; all about the Moon and Magic; the days of the week and their importance; the significance of colors; *Spell Casting: 4 easy steps*Tips for casting spells*Casting Spells for Love, Money and Luck, Protection, Wellbeing, and other White Magic spells.The more experience you have with magic, the greater the effect of the spell you will cast. If all you do is cast a spell once a month you will not be able to cast powerful spells. You must cast many spells and become familiar with the feel of magic before you are able to control it fully.Share the Quick Guide to Witchcraft with your loved ones via email or using the integrated Facebook function.
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