Nick Free is a gumshoe private detective who never fails to find his man, no matter where the clues may lead him.In this issue - Smoking Out The Hump - Private investigator Nick Free is given one of his toughest assignments yet: find and liberate "The Hump," a.k.a. the camel who is prominently used in cigarette advertising. The T.R.U.B.B.E.L. corporation has mislead this dromedary into marketing cigarettes to children. Although "The Hump's" image seems to be everywhere billboards, film, magazines it isn't until Nick Free hears horrible coughing coming from the CRUMBELS factory that he realizes where the poor spokescamel is being kept.Using his wits and disguises (and the fact that the cigarette thugs can't clear their lungs to chase him), the investigator rescues The Hump. The grateful Hump supplies the public with truthful statistics about smoking and death, and manages to quit his habit and show the public how much better he looks and feels after quitting his nicotine habit.
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