About Application All praise is due to Allah the Exalted and may Allah exalt the mention of His Prophet and render him and his household, his Companions, and all those who follow their way safe from every evil, and grant them security on the Day of Resurrection. And [on account of] their saying: "We killed the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, messenger of God. " They did not kill him and they did not crucify him, but it was made to seem so to them. Those who argue about him are in doubt about it. They have no real knowledge of it, just conjecture. But they certainly did not kill him. (Qur'an, 4:157) Here we are with the book JESUS DID NOT DIE by Harun Yahya -This islamic application includes,Verses of Glorious Quran and also a commentary by Harun Yahya. ********************************************* Overview: God raised up the heavens without any support you can see that and then established Himself firmly on the Throne. He made the Sun and the Moon subservient, each running for a specified term. He directs the whole affair. He makes the signs clear so that, hopefully, you will be cer- tain about the meeting with your Lord. (Qur'an, 13:2) These messengers: We favored some of them over others. God spoke directly to some of them and raised up some of them in rank. We gave clear signs to Jesus, son of Mary, and reinforced him with the Purest Spirit. If God had willed, those who came after them would not have fought each other after the clear signs came to them. But they dif- fered. Among them there are those who believe and those who do not believe. If God had willed, they would not have fought each other. But God does whatever He desires. (Qur'an, 2:253) ********************************************* Features: -Quick Search for desire topics -BookMark for favorites topics -For Spreading Message there is an EMAIL facility -Easily Switching form one book to another book -A very Realistic user interaction -Tell A Friend about this app -Feed Back for further changes -Automatic BookMark to show the last read topic ********************************************* Chapters: Foreword 1.Introduction 2.Jesus' (pbuh) Was Not Killed and Is Not Dead. 3.Other Evidence that Jesus' (pbuh) Is Not Dead. 4.The Error of Those Who Maintain that Jesus(pbuh) Is Dead. 5.Jesus(pbuh) in the Hadith. 6.Jesus' (pbuh) Return Will Usher in Global Peace. 7.Conclusion. About the Author
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