Raising Your Self Esteem

Your self esteem affects your career, your income, and the place you live. If you think you have a low value as a person, then you won't strive to have a better career, earn more money or live in a safe area. Yet all of this happens below your level of awareness so you won't realize what's causing all the turmoil in your life. People may say things with good intentions, like the aunt that casually mentions how you're gaining weight and becoming "chubby", or the parent who tells you that playing near a busy street was "stupid". But, as we get older we keep 'replaying' these comments from our subconscious mind and so continue to reinforce the negative beliefs that they formed. Every time we do something 'stupid', or every time we notice our weight getting heavier, we feel that we are somehow 'less than' we should be. We think that we don't measure up. If you want to radically change your life, then you need to raise your self esteem. This free book starts you on your journey.
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