Camp Life and Tricks of Trapmaking

Update coming soon with redesigned interface for easier navigation!Comprehensive hints on camp shelter, log huts, bark shanties, woodland beds and bedding, boat and canoe building, and valuable suggestions on Trapper's food, with extended chapters on the Trapper's Art, containing all the "Tricks" and valuable bait recipes of the Profession.Full directions for the use of the steel trap, and for the construction of traps of all kinds. Detailed instructions for the capture of all Fur-Bearing animals. Valuable recipes for the curing and tanning of furs.Features over a hundred trap designs8 Chapters, and hundreds of pages, covering Camp Life, Baiting, and Trap BuildingSimple, Easy-To-Navigate Interface with Table of Contents Button and Chapter SidebarTable of Contents button allows quick access to all Chapters, Traps, and IllustrationsFar be it from us in the publication of this volume, to be understood as encouraging the wanton destruction of poor innocent animals. Like all kindred sports, hunting and fishing for example, the sport of Trapping may be perverted and carried to a point where it becomes simple cruelty, as is always the case when pursued for the mere excitement it brings. If the poor victims are to serve no use after their capture, either as food, or in the furnishing of their plumage or skins for useful purposes, the sport becomes heartless cruelty, and we do not wish to be understood as encouraging it under any such circumstances. In its right sense trapping is a legitimate sport, and we recommend it to all our readers.IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT YOU COMPLY WITH ALL CURRENT FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS REGARDING TRAPPING AND THE USE OF ANY OF THE TRAPS LISTED IN THIS BOOK!Trapping is part of our North American heritage. First-time trappers in many states and Canadian provinces must complete a trapper education program covering skills, regulations and trapping's role in scientific wildlife management.Trapper education programs teach basic techniques with a strong focus on the responsible treatment of animals, legal methods, safety, selectivity and ethical trapper behavior. This Trapper Education Program was developed by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. The program was developed to: Protect the health, safety, and welfare of people, wildlife and domestic animals. Support wildlife conservation programs that sustain species and ecosystems for the benefit of future generations. Increase the benefits society currently receives from regulated trapping activities.
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