Classic Mystery and Detective Stories

Classic Mystery and Detective Stories is a collection of 16 short stories by nineteenth century masters of these forms, including Kipling and Conan Doyle. The complete list of stories and their authors is as follows: My Own True Ghost Story by Rudyard KiplingThe Sending of Dana Da by Rudyard KiplingIn the House of Suddhoo by Rudyard KiplingHis Wedded Wife by Rudyard KiplingA Case of Identity by Arthur Conan DoyleA Scandal in Bohemia by Arthur Conan DoyleThe Red-Headed League by Arthur Conan DoyleThe Baron's Quarry by Egerton CastleThe Fowl in the Pot by Stanley J. WeymanRobert Louis Stevenson by The Pavilion on the LinksThe Dream Woman by Wilkie CollinsThe Lost Duchess by AnonymousThe Minor Canon by AnonymousThe Pipe by AnonymousThe Puzzle by AnonymousThe Great Valdez Sapphire by Anonymous HOW TO USE THE EBOOK:You can read through the text with the following commands:+When reading a chapter, swipe to the left to go to the next page.+Swipe to the right to go to the previous page.+Double-tap the screen to move to the beginning of a chapter.+Click on 'Start where I left off...' to continue reading at the point at which you last closed the eBook.The eBook application allows you to change the text's font type, color and size as well as the color of the background. These settings will be saved when the application is closed and automatically applied when the eBook is opened again. The application keeps track of your current position in the text as you read and saves this position when you close the application. Upon relaunching the application, you can easily resume reading at the position of this virtual bookmark.These instructions are repeated in the eBook application.Please note that when you first open a chapter, the application takes two or three seconds to perform certain initialization operations before the text appears. The same is true when you change font and/or color settings.Languages: EnglishRequirements:Compatible with iPhone and iPod touchRequires iPhone 2.2 Software UpdateiPhone OS 3.0 Tested
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