Aids. Cancers. Famine. Unless we learn the secrets of the sacred Atabapo Cave, life as we know it will end. The Trees Hold Up The Sky is a novel spanning many worlds, describing the impossible to the faithless; the sky will fall if the bulldozers continue ravaging the giant trees. Innocent natives of the Amazon rain forest believe their life source comes from the dense forest canopy. But they are relentless, those capitalists with their powerful machines grinding onward and devastating 30,000 acres a day. Worshiping the God of progress, they wreak havoc on the underdeveloped countries, despoiling them like they have done in their own land, where their spewed poisons in the air and water silently mutate future generations. Nature is the only truth. Contravene its laws and it is unforgiving. Bill Johnson, an artist and author residing in London, Ontario, Canada, has written other novels, including Arcana, Freement, and Payroll.
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