Build eText Using Rapid Text Construction

From the developer: "This e-Book, written by Dr Elwyn Jenkins that provides writers with a view as to how concepts of technacy applied to everyday writing and composing contexts can enable a writer to compose text rapidly. This book is designed to inform a person who writes using a computer at a middle level of competency how to become an expert user of computer programs to compose information heavy eBooks, presentations, websites, and information rich databases. This book will be particularly useful to people who write user manuals, instructions manuals, information rich texts, 'ow to' manuals, and text books. The 'how to' instructions can empower a person to increase text production when writing from the usual 5,000 to 7,000 words per day to an amazing 25,000 to 50,000 words per day. Increases in productivity will not be experienced until the system described in this book is applied to writing of at least three to four texts. The success of achieving this level of production is in the reuse of previously written text chunks in future writing. This is a powerful concept that will revolutionize your writing."Through applying the system described in this book, you can now build a range of texts from the one set of data so that you meet the requirements of different niche markets. You can also experience a new level of confidence in writing, through extending the knowledge base from which you write each time you set about building new text."
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