Star Sales Manager

Star Sales Manager is a Comprehensive Sales Management (Sales CRM) Software. Fully Loaded Sales CRM with Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Products, Cases, Tasks & Appointments. Splendid Tracking Methods with Date, Name, Priority and Relationship Tracking Options. Automatic Reminder Notification, Export option, Call/SMS/E-Mail Utilities and many more. A complete Sales Management utility. Star Sales Manager: Star Sales Manager contains the following modules under which various details related to sales can be tracked: Account Manager. Contact Manager. Lead Manager. Opportunity Manager. Quote Manager. Order Manager. Product Manager. Case Manager. Task Manager. Calendar (Appointment/Meeting/Call Manager). Team & Member Manager. Category & Industry ListModules: The modules mentioned above tracks various details related to sales. Any number of details can be added. Options are provided for editing/deleting/viewing the details with respect to various modules. Call/SMS/E-Mail Utilities are available in every module. Various tracking methods which includes Date, Name, Priority and Relationship Tracking. Details of all entries can be tracked and viewed in Report format. Details in each and every module can be exported to a presentable CSV file. Account Manager: Manage Accounts with Revenue, Ownership, Employee, Contact, Billing and Shipping details. Contact Manager: Manage Contacts with Leads, Birthday, Basic contact details, Primary and Secondary address. Lead Manager: Manage Leads with Lead Source, Basic contact details, Department, Primary and Secondary address. Opportunity Manager: Manage Opportunities with Type, Source, Close Date, Probability and Sales Stage. Quote Manager: Manage Quotes with Products, Shipping Charges, Stage, Validity, Tax, Billing and Shipping address. Order Manager: Manage Orders with Purchase details, Status, Support details, Tax & Price details, Manufacturer details, Billing and Shipping address. Product Manager: Manage Products with Quantity, Price, Manufacturer, Basic contact and Address details. Case Manager: Manage Cases with Priority, Status and Resolution details. Task Manager: Manage Tasks with Start Date, Due Date, Priority, Activity Types and Activities. Calendar (Appointments/Meetings/Calls) : Manage Appointments, Meetings and Calls. Teams & Members: Manage Teams and Member details, which are used in all the modules. Category & Industry List: Manage Category and Industry details, which are used in Products and Accounts modules respectively. Reminder Details: Reminder options provides reminders of key dates which include: Contact - Birthday. Opportunity - Expected Close Date. Quote - Validity Date. Order - Support End Date. Task - Due Date. Appointment/Meeting/Call DateReminders are executed and notified automatically with attractive icons and respective details. Export Option: Details in all the modules can be exported to a presentable CSV file format. Details can also be exported after tracking and filtering through various tracking methods. Utilities: Options are available to Call Phone, Call Mobile, Send SMS/MMS, Send E-Mail according to the data saved in each module. Master Password: Star Sales Manager is protected by a Master Password. User can set their Master Password with Security Questions and Answers. Master Password prevents unauthorized use of your Secure details by others. It makes your details more safe and secure. Key Features: Professional User Interface. Comprehensive Sales CRM. Finest Tracking Options. Automatic Reminder Notifications. Export Option. Password Protected. Call, SMS/MMS, Mail Utilities. Manage Your Business Professionally.
Operating System Android