Project Stanton

Project Stanton enables value for every industrial role by breaking through all barriers of friction for industrial users to be more productive. With ease of use, collaboration & sync as the core pillars; Project Stanton delivers the ability for industrial users to be more productive anywhere on the factory floor. Project Stanton comes in with a series of 'on-node' app based modules that perform specific functions like trending, device health, incidents and team collaboration - all that work instantly after your download. There is no server to setup or 'friction' for you to realize value - just download and go. You can connect to other people and directly to devices (currently supporting any Ethernet IP devices in the Device Health module and parameter reading within the Trend Module with the Allen Bradley Powerflex 525 & 755 drives) without the need of an OPC server in between. Depending on a module's feature set, it can either operate in a connected to cloud or offline/disconnected to cloud/device state - even a mix of these states. Project Stanton helps meets your companies objective of increasing productivity by delivering an easy to use friction-less app with more features/modules planned to be added in the future. Check out the 3 minute intro video, Increase Productivity By 33 Seconds Per Hour With Project Stanton at https://youtu. be/P8iC_ctAV7g.
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