ELEAD Mobile App provides complete access to ELEAD CRM solutions. Enjoy total visibility and maximize data performance with our easy-to-use Mobile App designed to generate more deals on the sales board. No matter your location, ELEAD Mobile App provides 100% access to customers, customer data, inventory, follow up and Internet lead tools to capitalize on every business opportunity. Seamless real-time integration with the in-store CRM ensures up-to-date data is available to authorized users at all times. The ELEAD mobile portal is user-friendly and intuitive enabling users to instantly add prospects using the state-of-the-art driver's license or ID scanner, find existing customers, modify profiles and manage work plan tasks. No matter your location, respond to an Internet lead with an email or phone call to quickly stop the clock. Managers can easily view the desk log for daily activities and statistics, browse new and used inventory, add inventory or scan the VIN and tie the customer to an appraisal. Plus, the all new mobile desking solution provides quick and accurate payment and lease options without ever leaving the customer's side. Never worry about missed opportunities again. The ELEAD Mobile App provides the same robust CRM solution that you have come to expect, in an easy-to-use mobile application. ELEAD1ONE is proud to introduce the revolutionary ELEAD Mobile App that brings you closer to customers and the sale generating maximum revenue opportunities.
Operating System Android