Active Shooter Action Plan

Active Shooter Action Plan - Recognize, Respond, RecoverThe Active Shooter Action Plan - Recognize, Respond, Recover mobile app is designed to help individuals and organizations prevent, respond to and recover from an Active Shooter/Workplace Violence incident. It is a must have for every employee and supervisor, student, and school administrator. This application provides critical emergency response procedures and life saving information in the event of an Active Shooter situation. The app contains educational and functional tools for preventing, responding to and recovering from a potential deadly Active Shooter situation in the workplace or campus. This app was developed by a team of nationally recognized violence prevention experts with years of extensive experience in developing and delivering training to governmental and non-agencies, multinational corporations, schools and universities, as well as elite law enforcement and counter terrorism units. The app has many features including: Schedule of events and seminars for users to add to their phone calendars. GPS and QR Coupons for attending the seminars. Videos/Podcasts. Audio. Social Network and News Feeds. Call 911 Feature. Social Share. Share Pictureand more.
Operating System Android