Tech Help Pro by BovaTech, LLC helps you with your computers, electronics, and other gadgets without leaving home. Our Expert Consultants and Technicians have expertise in computer repair, virus removal, network security, connectivity, home theater installation, TV setup and more are just a tap away to help with yourtech needs. Getting started with BovaTech is free and easy: Tell us the issues you are having, and we will find a qualified Tech Pro to help. Tell us where you want to meet the tech. Our techs by default will provide remote support, but in select cities, can meet you in your home, office or in a public area. Sit back and relax while we assign a friendly BovaTech Pro to you. BovaTech has an ever growing network of technology professionals ready to help. Dropthe Big Box repair stores and get connected with a BovaTech Expert. Our full service list includes: Computer Services. Networking and Connectivity Support. Tune­up a Computer or Laptop. Get a Computer Tutorial. Troubleshoot/Repair a Computer or Laptop. Troubleshoot/Repair a Printer. Remove Viruses. Set up a New Printer. Set up a New Computer or Laptop. Backup or Transfer Data. Hook up a New Device. Set up an Email Account. Install or Uninstall Software. Install or Uninstall an OS (Operating System). Hook up an Internal Device (Laptop) Mobile. Troubleshoot/Diagnose a Mobile Device. Set up a New Mobile Device. Hook up Hands­Free Device. Set up Mobile EmailCamera. Set up a New Camera. Troubleshoot/Diagnose a CameraGaming. Set up a New Game Console. Hook up Game Accessories. Manage Saved Game DataCorporate IT Managed Services- Web/Mobile App Research & Development- Corporate CTO/CIO Services- Technology Design & Planningand more.
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