Bid&Fix for Pros

The Bid&Fix for Professionals app helps pros to get local jobs. Homeowners and landlords need help with repairs, maintenance and rehab are sending their requests using our system. Local pros get push notifications instantly alerting about new requests and jobs. You can easily view job details, photo, etc. On your mobile you can provide a price quote, arrival time and communicate with the customer instantly. The Bid&Fix app is designed to help you reply as quickly as possible so you never miss a job. How Bid&Fix works: 1. You set your address, type of jobs you are qualified for, and how far you want to travel to your customers. 2. Homeowner or landlord tell us about their needs. We send their request to you, free, based on your preferences. 3. You give the customer your price or estimate for the job, time and any other info. 4. When a customer select you for the job, you notified instantly and get driving directions. You can contact the customer and communicate with him. 5. When job is done, you update us. Our service fee is 10% of the total amount paid to you. 6. Just be great at what you do and we'll 'spread the word' for you. Why using Bid&Fix pro? We are helping you to fill your work week. You never pay for submitting quotes or offers and there is absolutely no subscription payments. You pay us only if you got the job and after you got paid for it. You're the boss. Choose to respond only to requests that are a good fit for your interests, skills, and schedule. No tricks and no hidden fees. Clear and efficient app to use for you and your customers. Download the free app and start growing your business today. Bid&Fix for pros is available nationwide for more than 18 home and office categories, including: Air Conditioning; Appliances; Cars Repair & Towing; Cleaning; Electrical; Decks and Carpentry; Flooring & Carpet; Handyman Service; Heating; IT & Computers; Keys & Locks; Lawn & Garden Care; Moving Services; Painting; Pest Control; Plumbing; Roof & Gutters; and Window repair and installation.
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