The Book Dude

The greatest aspect of our fast-paced digital world is the ease with which indie artists and authors can get their works out to the world. No more are the publishing and writing realms destined to be controlled by big business and greedy publishing houses. The downside of this though, is that there are more and more artists and writers fighting for your free time. Self-published and indie authors have a much tougher time trying to get their works seen in a sea of inexpensive and free Kindle books. As a self-published author myself, I know how hard marketing can be for smaller authors. This is why I created To give readers a place to find and forge new and lasting relationshsips with authors they may not have otherwise noticed. Every day, authors and publishers send in thousands of free Amazon Kindle books to help them introduce themselves to the world. I list as many as I can, though it never is enough. For every author I help, there are a hundred more ready to give up on their dream. To further help the relationships between writers and readers I offer space for them to craft exclusive Guest Posts to give eager readers a chance to see what makes their mind tick. Featured Books are hot Kindle reads that span all genres and give authors another avenue to help get their books noticed. Download The Book Dude app on your Android-powered device to experience a wide variety of sweet features: Access to tons of free Amazon Kindle books. Free Guest Posts from writers and artists all over the world. Help indie authors by browsing the hot Featured Books. Quick and convenient access to Save money by learning more about the books you download. Spread the love for indie's by sharing posts and booksThis is only the beginning. Watch for a lot more cool additions and updates coming soon. Please, reach out and let me know what you think about The Book Dude app, free Kindle books, or life in general. I'm always down for a chat.
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