Tatts4Hats App by USApparel

Join the network and online and in the street community fueled by Tatts4Hats.com, pioneer of creating and applying high resolution image applications to licensed brand name products like New Era and Mitchell & Ness. These caps are tailored specifically to the customer including style preference, snapback or fitted cap, color, and more. It is a "Cap Culture Redefined. " Our custom hats are more than an accessory, they are exclusive designs that encompass the art of storytelling and incorporate that art into fashion. However, our hats aren't a fashion statement; they express a statement-- a message of individuality, through fashion. One main thing that sets our company apart from anyone else is our artist behind the scenes. It is our loyalty to ourselves and our clients as unique individuals and we feel lucky to share our craft with such devoted fans. Using this app makes it more user friendly to get connected with our company making it easier to view our galleries, communicate with administration, and create your own custom cap to gift, or to "CROWN" yourself. Also, be the first to receive instant savings and promotional collateral. Invites to local events and calendar schedules for Tatts4Hats.com visits and giveaways. Viewing and participating alone will be worth downloading and using often our app. Consistent media will be uploaded as the company grows. Urban Scholar Media has launched its first video "Whole Thang" by Breadhead$ Ent. and is ready to build its portfolio. Be connected with affiliates of Tatts4Hats.com by Urban Scholar Apparel which will include savings and event updates. Urban Scholar Apparel is where book smarts and street smarts collide. Engaging inner city/urban communities to seek education through group events and free outlets like YouTube. "With knowledge the rest takes care of itself, " says David Ruvolo, Creator and CEO. Links to all of our social media including Linked In, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest will all be one click away. Also, product links will be provided to point the potential customer in the right direction to answer questions and make purchases. Photos will be consistently added as well as news updates with thorough content and visually appealing aesthetics. Join the craze and be ahead of the game by joining our app. Thank you.
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