Communicate better with the most important people in your life. NocNocK is a personality profiling tool that focuses on helping teams, families and friends communicate more effectively with each other. We use the power of a statistically valid personality assessment to let you discover more about yourself. Your ability to understand your hard-wired personality characteristics and those of the most important people in your life will allow you to customize your communication for each person. For Teams: Gain insights into team membersLearn how to communicate better and resolve conflict fasterFor Sales Professionals: Gain insights into your customersLearn how to influence your most important relationshipsFor Families: Understand and know each family member in a new and insightful wayCommunicate with each person in the way he or she wants to be communicated withFor Teachers: Understand your students and what works best in communicating with themCustomize your teaching to each student's communication styleFor Motivation: Learn the basics of what motivates youUnderstand what is important for the most important people in your lifeFor Blind Spots: Discover what may challenge you in communicationDiscover what may be challenging for others in communicationUnderstanding these personality characteristics will help you understand the behavioral impulses of some of your team members, family and friends and thus you will be able to customize the types of communication needed for each person. We built this tool to be used for understanding and sharing your personality characteristics with others to help you communicate more effectively. We made the tool free of charge and free of in-app purchases so you can share these insights with as many people you want. We do require certification and purchasing of our training materials if you are going to be using the tool in an educational, team building, coaching, or training environment.
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