Time Off

TIME OFF TRACKING, REQUESTS, and REPORTING MADE EASYRequest, remember, and report all your paid Time Off. Now with advanced accruals, cloud sync, and co-worker notifications. Great for tracking vacation days, personal days, or sick time, etc. ADVANCED ACCRUALS: The advanced accruals wizard allows you to setup your allotted time per year, accrual period, and more. All of the calculations are clearly displayed showing how much time you have available at any moment. (requires newsletter signup) EMAIL REQUESTS: Email time off requests directly to your supervisor and CC yourself. Including supervisor "web approval" (requires push notifications). CO-WORKER NOTIFICATIONS: Easily send time off notifications to any contact in your address book. REPORTS: Export beautiful looking reports that you can email to anyone. Send them as Excel or PDF attachments, or embed them directly in your email as html or plain text. MULTIPLE JOBS: Track multiple jobs for yourself or your spouse. HOURS OR DAYS: Record time as hours or days, whichever you prefer. AUTO RENEW: When the fiscal year is over, Time Off creates a new year for you. If you rollover unused time or borrow against the next fiscal year, Time Off does the math so you don't have to. With advanced accruals, you can customize the rollover policy per leave category. 12 CUSTOM LEAVE CATEGORIES: Vacation, Personal, Sick, etc. Customize the names and colors of up to 12 different categories of time off. BIRDS-EYE-VIEW: Get a birds-eye view of the year on one simple overview screen. Each category has a summary for the amount of time available, used and remaining. TIME OFF STATUS: Your time is automatically grouped according to status, such as Pending, Currently Using, Reserved and Denied. CLOUD SYNC: Protect your data with cloud backup and sync across devices. (requires in-app purchase) BEAUTIFUL AND EASY TO USE: Time Off is the best looking and most user friendly app of its kind. Now even easier with integrated help and feedback/support tools.
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