Site Report

Site Report ManagementThe Site Report app is developed for both professionals and students involved in Construction Management. It replaces the traditional site report form which has to be prepared daily by the site supervisor; whether it is for architectural, civil, structural, mechanical or electrical category of works. Traditionally, the forms need to be manually completed and sent to the office for compilation and formal reporting. Not really a fun thing to do at the ever chaotic construction sites; under the sun, freezing cold or on a windy day. This app makes reporting easier by simplifying the form filling-in and submission processes. Now you can just use Site Report app on your smartphone/tablet; anywhere at the site. No more pen and papers. Less headache and table banging. More happy contractors, consultants and clients. This app will allow you to submit the following info: 1. Project title / Report No / Category of works2. Work descriptions3. Project location with map image4. Site memo / non-compliance notes received5. Other remarks6. Site photos7. Materials delivered8. Manpower at site9. Machinery at site10. Weather infoThe app will then convert the report to PDF file before you can email, submit or share with others. To preview the report, you'll need PDF reader app. With the PDF app, you may have the option to edit/make note, put your signature, share, cloud print and a lot more. You can then send the report via email or other relevant apps, with the report as PDF attachment, to your superior or manager. The reports are then stored in a database which you can manage or retrieve for future reference. Guidelines: 1. First, create a New Project and enter the project info and/or location image2. From Project Listing, select any Project and choose Report. It will take you to Report Listing. 3. Then create New Report and enter the info. 4. From Report Listing, you can also choose to manage the project's resources such as Material, Manpower, Machinery and Site Photo. 5. Once you've completed preparing the site report, you can choose to Preview or Send the report. At the Main Menu, select Submit. 6. Setting - In this module, you can specify your Company Info, Currency Chosen and Unit setup. Company Info is only applicable for Premium users and will be displayed in report. This version support the following currency: EUR, USD, JPY, GBP, CHF, AUD, CNY, MYR, SGD, IDR, THB, INR, RUB, BRLSuitable and specifically designed for those in the construction field industry such as general contractor, site supervisor, project manager, construction manager, foreman, electricians, mechanical manager, technician, builder, landscaper, concrete supervisor and those in related fields. Premium Version will allow you to customise your Company Information is the PDF report, creating unlimited reports and no ads.
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