Get the career you deserve. Tell your story, show your passion and put yourself in front of employersThis is your ticket to avoid messy and time consuming application processes, and skip straight to the second interview. It's time to take control of your career and put yourself directly in front of the companies you want to work for. Pre-record a short video introduction and video interview, showing your enthusiasm, passion, career drive, personality, skills and how you are the perfect fit for their team. Empower your job seeking now. Are you an employer? Get ready to start hiring with confidence. Meet, interview and shortlist candidates from the palm of your hands. Anywhere, anytime. Eliminate the challenges of finding the right employee; control your sourcing from thousands of motivated active job seekers with ease. The proactive nature of Hiya allows you to find the perfect employee by getting to know them as a person, their life goals and career ambitions via a pre-recorded video introduction and video interview. Our mission is to humanise your recruitment process.
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