Field Engineer

NOTE: Please note this application is for a registered PROVIDER/FIELD ENGINEER only, who has already accepted a work order. To register as a provider, please visit and signup as an engineer. Field Engineer (FE) mobile app provides its provider community with easy access to work orders that they have accepted to deliver. Release v1 provides field engineers with the following features: 1. View and manage accepted work order. 2. Mark in-transit and check-in against a work order. 3. Report daily hours against a work order and submit for approval. 4. Add expenses to a work order. 5. View profile information and account balance. 6. View account transactions. Total control over your work schedule: Finding work that meets your schedule has never been easier. Login and view work-orders, or respond to automated system alerts when a work order is submitted in your area. Accept the project, or counter with the terms and schedule that you feel will enable you to meet the client's needs. With Field Engineer's platform, you're in total control of your workflow. Earn Life-Changing Income in Your Spare TimeYou don't need to give up your existing career in the telecom or corporate networking industry. Our project-based contracts fit around your busy schedule; allowing you to turn dead-time into paid time. While many of the contractors on our site successfully find more than enough work to create a comfortable income, weekend-warriors are always welcome. Let Your Reputation Speak for ItselfEvery project completed through our system includes the opportunity for contractors and employers to leave feedback. You're an amazing, hard-working technician. Your Field Engineer profile will showcase your track-record of exceeding client expectations, which will help you find additional work. Get Paid QuicklyNobody likes waiting for payday. Field Engineer's cloud-based platform guarantees project funding before work starts. Once the client and contractor agree that work has been completed satisfactorily, funds are released to the contractor. With Field Engineer, tax time is a breeze. Automated reports show income that can be filtered by a period of time, or specific project. Be a Part of the FutureAs a field tech, you understand more than anyone else how a strong communication infrastructure can help support your local community. Be a part of the team that empowers your neighbors to connect, share and create at the speed of light. Help save businesses in your community from slow LAN's and get them connected to the Cloud. The work you do will make a meaningful impact.
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