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EveryBill helps business win by gaining customers and payment on time with the complete solution of invoice and billing management. FREE. Highest rated app of its category. Invoice and Billing is an integrated solution with billing, invoice, point of sale, inventory management, customer management, reminder management, accounting etc. which keeps track of sales and inventory. It also lets you create and share bills/invoice via SMS, email or WhatsApp with the customers which help you increase visibility and trust. WHY USE EveryBill: Fast and offline. SHARE & PRINT INVOICE: sharing an invoice by SMS, Email, and Whatsapp as per your customer demands. BILL STATUS AND PAYMENT STATUS HISTORYApply Bill status to track the orders and delivery. You can see the bill status history to take the account of your process and speed. Payment history helps to understand customer payment behavior. GET BILLS IN EXCEL AUTOMATICALLY ON MAILEnable this to get the bills in the mail daily. ITEM CREATION OPTION. TAX MANAGEMENT. DISCOUNT MANAGEMENTAdd the discount on individual items or on the total amount. Give it a name and set its value. You can also add a discount on each bill at the time of invoice creation. INVOICE DETAILSYou can customize the invoice number and its prefix. By default, this function is auto generated. It consists of shipping charges, additional charges, billing date, due date, sales person, terms and conditions, customer notes, order number etc. and makes the bill detailed and clear. PAYMENT AMOUNT AND MODES. PDF GENERATION AND PRINTING INVOICE. DUE PAYMENT MANAGEMENT. GET CUSTOMER ADDRESS FROM MAP. EXPORT AND IMPORT ITEMS FROM EXCEL This is highest rated Invoice and billing software for mobile which is Offline and free app in India in its category for Invoice creator and Invoice maker on the go. New features coming soon: 1. Estimate on the go. 2. Convert Estimate in Invoice after confirmation. 3. More power in analytics 4. Expense Managment 5. Accounting Solution We love to stay connected with our users. If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please email us at sujeet@everybill. in.
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