ControlBridge App

The ControlBridge App enables you to use any device as a control panel. The App enables you to use your device instead of, or in addition to, the wired ControlBridge 7" and 12" Desktop Touch Panels. You'll be able manage Ethernet IP-enabled conference room, control room, and room automation systems via your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Or you can pair your device with the ControlBridge Processor to control other I/O devices. Use your device for multimedia integration, presentation control, as well as control of lighting, window shades, and other room systems. The user interface is customized, just as it is for the ControlBridge Touch Panel, with the ControlBridge Builder programming tool. You can drag-and-drop, export, import, and more. You'll get wired or wireless network communications between the control system and devices running the App. The App also enables live streaming video. The controller or touch panel stores XPL2 applications and floating licenses, which can be uploaded to devices running the App.
Operating System Android