Area Ratio Calculator

The Beam On Technology Area Ratio Calculator gives you the ability to quicklycalculate the stencil area ratio of an opening. It allows you to determine an aperture'ssolder paste transfer efficiency and the optimum foil thickness needed. It also allows you to manipulate opening sizes and thickness to see theirresulting area ratios and paste volume calculations. Our intent is to provide you with a valuable tool to refine your paste printingby enabling you to predict stencil print performance as well as diagnose printing issues. We believe that providing you the tools to understand paste release characteristics willprove beneficial as you migrate to thinner foils and finer apertures. Area Ratio Calculator will also alert you if: Area ratio is less than 0. 60, then the result turns RED color. Area ratio comes between 0. 60 - 0. 65, then the result turns Amber. Area ratio is above 0. 66, then the result turns Green. You can either change the foil thickness or Aperture size to get an adequate Area ratio. Features: You can calculate the Area ratio for Rectangle, Square and Round shapes. Aperture size can be entered in mils or millimeters. Aperture size and foil thickness can be independently manipulated to determine optimal paste release. The app also provides paste volume calculation and aspect ratio calculation. For solder paste selection the app will also indicate the recommended powder size for the indicated opening. Features available to Beam On Technology customers: Customers who place orders with BOOTS2, Beam On Technology's stencil order system can track the progress oftheir stencils using the Order Status button at the top right corner of the application. About us: Beam On Technology Corporation was established in October 1992, founded by manufacturing engineers with extensive knowledge and expertise in the SMT assembly process. Our sole purpose was to provide integrated service products to the SMT assembly industry engineered for ease of use while impacting yield, and this continues to be our goal. Since the introduction of our first revolutionary product "Band Etch Technology for Stencils", we are constantly introducing new products that respond to changes in technology. By working closely with our customers in product development, we can gothe "extra mile" to meet their needs. Our Family of Service Products include: Solder Paste StencilsMulti Step StencilsProto type StencilsOur "PrintPart System" which is used to print directly on component contactsRework mini stencilsInspection Template OverlaySPin Plate (Support Pin Locator Plate) Surface Mount Transport PlatesSelective and Non-Selective Wave Solder PalletsPress Fit FixturesRouter FixturesReBall fixtures for BGA reballing / reworkCustom assembly / test fixturingMetal Squeegee BladesBall Grid Array (BGA) re-ball fixturesBox Build Assembly AidsPhoto PlottingFlexFrame 4-way tensioning adapter for frameless foil printingAll of our fixtures and other assembly aids are directly designed from Gerber data assuringaccuracy that meets or exceeds all tolerances required for your specific SMT assembly process. We use the latest StencilLaser systems from LPKF Laser & Electronics. Everything we fabricate isdesigned "beyond the door", meaning our products perform better since they are created for useand not just a commodity for us to sell to people. We take pride in what we do so any problemsour customers have affect us personally. We are a responsible company and treat our customers with respect and confidentiality. Our ITAR certification gives you piece of mind that data received by us will be kept confidential and secure. It is our business to provide our customer with cost-effective products, withoutcompromising our commitment to quality. We consider our customer our primar concern. We strive for reliable, on-time delivery. We dedicate ourselves to perpetualtechnical innovations and product improvements.
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