BCard Business Card Reader

BCard is a digital business card reader app. It is the best contact management tool or app that fits your requirement in every profile be itsalesperson, entrepreneur, consultant, developer or expert and anyone who want to make futurewith you or with whom you want to be in contact. Features: 1. Click and store your business cards, can even share contacts via different sharing options 2. Attach tags to your particular card so you can remember cards genre3. Add the follow up with cards or without card so that it remind you, your task that you schedule to do4. Add notes with the card for any additional info to be stored with the card5. Creates a contact image of card details in your phone so that you can directly find it in your phonebook6. Can search by tags, name, company name, 7. Once you click the image of card it takes 1min to be transcribed and added into your BCard contact list with a copy in phonebook (for pro version we use human transcribers for 100% accuracy) 8. Gives you the location info that where you had exchanged the cards so it gives you pre- image of what talks you had9. Can even click the profile picture of the person who exchanges the card with you.
Operating System Android