Northampton Chiropody & Podiatry Clinic

Common conditions treated at Northampton Chiropody - Podiatry Clinic include: Corns/Calluses Corns and calluses are regions of hard and thick skin that develop as a result of excessive pressure to the skin, and can cause pain during walking. These are the most common problems seen in Northampton Chiropody - Podiatry Clinic. Plantar warts/verrucae These are defined areas of hardened skin caused by a viral infection, and they can be painful. They are transmitted in damp communal areas such as changing rooms and showers. Ingrown toenails This is a common condition seen in clinic, and occurs when the sides of a nail grows sideways and pierces the skin leading to pain. Fungal nails Fungal infections are one of the most common conditions treated at Northampton Chiropody - Podiatry Clinic by our Chiropodists / Podiatrists in Northampton. The nails are characteristically thick and discoloured. Foot/heel pain This is a common problem having a variety of causes. The most common cause is plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the tissues on the soles of the feet. The two terms have become synonymous even though this is not strictly accurate.
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