IP Camviewer for Vivotek

This IP Camera app for Android allows you to remotely control and view your Vivotek IP cameras. Please make sure you own the camera models listed below before downloading as this app is designed especially for these models: 2000 series 3000 series 3xxx 4XEM 10X 6000 series 6xxx 7100 series 7xxx Series 8xxx CC8130 Common Elro C800 Elro C901 FD6111V FD6112V FD6121V FD6122V FD7130 FD7132 FD7141 FD7141V FD7160 FD7160 FD8134 FD8136 FD8161 FD8335 FD8361 IP2111 IP2112 IP2121 IP2122 IP3111 IP3112 IP3121 IP3122 IP3132 IP3133 IP3135 IP3136 IP3137 IP6112 IP6117 IP6122 IP6127 IP7130 IP7131 IP7131 IP7132 IP7132 IP7133 IP7134 IP7135 IP7137 IP7138 IP7139 IP7141 IP7142 IP7151 IP7152 IP7153 IP7154 IP7160 IP7161 IP7251 IP7330 IP7330 IP7361 IP8132 IP8152 IP8161 IP8162P IP8330 IP8331 IP8332 IZ7151 PD8136 PT3112 Series PT3122 Series PT31x4 PT7131 PT7135 PT7137 PT8133 PZ-7122 PZ-71x1 PZ-81XX series PZ6122 PZ61XX series PZ8121/8121W Quad SD-7313 SD8121 VS2403 Video Server VS3100 VS8102 VT-2000 Series VT-3000 Series VT-6000 SeriesApp Features: Perfect for home security, pet-cam or workplaces. Remotely view and control all Vivotek IP camera models. Guaranteed to work with all Vivotek camera models listed above. User-friendly interface. Fast loading. Free to try. There is no obligation to buy. Developed by 3rd party company. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Vivotek Corp. See video demo on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=fnh4JGgjsFo.
Operating System Android