PEC Safety App

Forgot your physical PEC ID card and need to verify/validate your PEC, SafeLandUSA, or SafeGulf training to gain access to a worksite? The PEC App will solve your problem by providing you a digital copy of your PEC ID which includes SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf validated courses. This app provides a convenient method for users to view their digital PEC ID card and acquired training/validated courses while also granting you access to download correlating course materials via the app. You will also have the ability to receive OSHA Alliance nationally recognized hazard alerts and PEC Safety hazard and push alerts. The digital PEC ID card will include the users name, company name, user picture, PEC ID#, and a scannable barcode. The list of all acquired training/validated courses will also be viewable and measurable - showing which courses are up-to-date, within a 30-day expiration period, or expired. The PEC App features include: Digital PEC ID Card. PEC Training and Orientation Course Materials (SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf). Alerts - Hazard and Safety Alerts. Access to to Validate TrainingOther features: Contact Web Link. App Home Page. Edit Profile. Settings.
Operating System Android