Big Apple

Best selection of Ethnic, Natural, Speciality, Organic, food items known across the world at competitive prices. Distributor & Prime wholesaler in the Tristate. DISTRIBUTION: To Retailers, Big Chains, Retail outlets, Restaurants & Grocery Stores. WAREHOUSE: Distribution & Logistics services ranging from Truckloads to mixed Pallets. BRANDS: Premium quality ethnic brands in USA with real competitive prices. COMMUNITIES: Indian, Pakistani, Bengali, Hispanic, Asian, African communities & mainstream. A COMPLETE RANGE OF SPICES, JUICES, RICE, DESSERTS, BAKERY, CONFECTIONERY, PICKLE & CHUTNEY PRODUCTS, STRAIGHT SPICES, GENERAL PRODUCTS & BULK SUPPLY & MORE. FASTEST GROWING TRISTATE DISTRIBUTOR: BiG Apple Distributors (HQ: New York, USA) strives to source the highest quality products from the main growing areas of the world. We distribute quality food & other products from USA, Canada, Pakistan, India and various south asian countries to the North American Marketplace. We are the exclusive, direct distributor of many world known products from various prestigious companies worldwide. We deal with Juices, Spices, Rice, Ginger & Garlic pastes, Snacks, Chutneys/Sauces, Pickles, Sweets, Canned Foods, Instant Foods, Biscuits/Bakery, Nuts/Dry Fruits, Tea/Coffee, Dals/Beans, Spices/Masalas, Flours/Rice, Oil and many more. WE HAVE BUILT OUR COMPANY ON A STEADFAST COMMITMENT TO SOURCING THE BEST QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS, DELIVERING TRUSTWORTHY CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CREATING BUSINESS INNOVATIONS THAT ADD REAL VALUE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS, OUR STAKEHOLDERS AND OUR WORLD. THE COMPANY'S CORE PHILOSOPHY IS TO CREATE PROFIT OPPORTUNITIES FOR ITS CUSTOMERS. WE PROVIDE MANY VALUE ADDED SERVICES TO HELP OUR CUSTOMERS SUCCEED. WE HAVE OFFICES IN NEW YORK AND WE PRIMARILY DISTRIBUTE FOOD PRODUCTS IN TRI-STATE. EFFICIENT, KNOWLEDGEABLE, SUCCESSFUL - THE BIG APPLE WAY OF PROTECTING YOUR PRODUCTS, MARKETING & DISTRIBUTING THEM SUCCESSFULLY, AND LOOKING FOR THAT NEW NICHE MARKET FOR YET ANOTHER PRODUCT LINE.
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