Acronis Access

What's New - 7. 0Completely redesigned, optimized, and improved user interface. Guided initial setup wizard. Embedded demo server configuration - try the application without setting up your own server. New "paste bar" for copying and moving files and folders. New "edit mode" for selecting and working with multiple files and folders. This app now requires Android 4. 1. 2 or later. Acronis Access provides simple, secure, and managed files access for Android users in businesses, schools and government agencies. Acronis Access empowers mobile users with anytime, anywhere access to their important files, delivering the full promise of mobile productivity and collaboration. Acronis Access allows access to files residing on Windows file servers, SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 & 365 servers, Acronis Access servers, and most other file servers and NAS devices. NOTE: The free Acronis Access app is used to access to your company's Acronis Access servers. Please contact your company's IT organization for details on setting up this app. Acronis Access empowers Android users to: Securely browse files located on enterprise file servers, SharePoint servers, NAS, CMIS, and Acronis Access servers- Edit & create Office documents (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX) within the secure Acronis Access app- Annotate PDF files within the secure Acronis Access app- Access their network home folder- Access files on Distributed File System (DFS) shares- Store files & folders locally on the mobile device for anytime, anywhere access- Automatically 1-way or 2-way sync folders and files from server to device- Print documents to network printers- Open files in other apps for viewing or editing- Receive files from other apps for saving to a server or storing locally- Copy or move files and folders between a server and mobile device or to another server- Create, rename, and delete files and folders on a serverAcronis Access secures your organization's files: Encrypts all files stored on the device within the app- Encrypts all network communication with the secure HTTPS protocol- Enforces your organizations established access rights with Active Directory integration- Optionally prompts for an application passwordYour IT staff configures and manages Acronis Access: Configure the Acronis Access app over the air (OTA) with policies for Active Directory users and groups- Set policies that can configure every aspect of Acronis Access, including app security settings, the servers, folders and home directories presented to users, and the enabling or disabling of app functions- Regulate access to Acronis Access using per-device app enrollment- Track the status of each device accessing Acronis Access- Selectively remote wipe all app configuration and in-app files on lost or stolen devices.
Operating System Android