SAP Digital Consumer Insight

Access anonymized mobile data that shows how many consumers pass through a chosen location each hour and where they come from. Get detailed information about their demographic characteristics and the devices they're using. Want to know who's visiting your retail store? Looking for a site for your next store? Need to find out if your campaign is driving the traffic you want? This data can tell you. Find out not only who's visiting a location, but where they're coming from. This data can help you optimize advertising placement to maximize campaign effectiveness. The data also makes it simple to benchmark one store location against another, compare two potential new locations, or see how well you stack up against the competition. Reach consumers before they visit to amplify your marketing message Analyze catchment data to determine the most common home locations of people that pass through a location. Then use this data to coordinate advertising and marketing plans, increasing their effectiveness.
Price USD 439
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Operating System Windows
System Requirements None