Cheque Printing Software (ChequeGuru) is a user-friendly tool especially designed to cater all the needs related to Cheque issuing in an enterprise. Users have the option to choose different parameters to be printed on cheque. Cheque Printing Software (ChequeGuru) prints all parameters of the cheque - payee name, date, amount in figures, amount in words, authorized person, company name and other options on any size of cheque from any country to a customary office printer. Typo error free feature of Cheque Printing Software (ChequeGuru) eliminates spelling mistakes, differences between amount in figures & amount in words. User needs to enter only payee name and enter the amount to be paid; rest of the parameters are auto-filled by Cheque Printing Software (ChequeGuru) while preparing the cheque. Tamper proof feature ensures cheques Printed by Cheque Printing Software (ChequeGuru) can't be tampered. It has options of adding asterisk (****) before and after the amount in figures, amount in words and Payee name prevent tampering. Thus, it provides you complete security from getting the cheque corrupt in manual cheque writing. WYSIWYG "What You See Is What You Get" characteristic offers different alignment options to choose different fonts, dimensions, importing cheque templates, landscape or portrait printing etc. Users can draw cheque layout according to their printer with a simple WYSIWYG cheque alignment engine. Cheque Printing Software (ChequeGuru) prints multiple cheque in one go. All transactional details from excel file to be printed and users can amend imported data before printing. It also gives you the option of skipping individual cheque or all cheques while batch printing. Cheque Printing Software (ChequeGuru) provides business intelligent Reporting : Information of records regarding issued cheques, reconciliation, management reports, bank statement, deposit reports etc stored in database can be generated instantly when required. Export reports to Excel, Adobe, word etc for further requirements and analysis.
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Version 8.0
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