Arc Flash Analytic

Arc Flash Analytic allows to perform detailed analysis using the IEEE 1584 equations and the Lee method. Ensure compliance with NEC, OSHA, NFPA 70E, IEEE P1584 and CSA Z462 standards and regulations. Collect information, take photos of switchgear, MCC's during field walk-downs. Instantly determine arcing current, incident energy, arc flash, limited, restricted and prohibited shock approach boundaries, hazard risk category, typical clothing system. Add fuse and circuit breaker data including time-current characteristics for the devices that are not already listed in the built-in protection device library. Perform arc flash boundary calculations based on 1.2 cal/cm^2 (5 Joules/cm^2) onset energy to second degree burn for bare skin exposure per IEEE 1584 Guide and other incident energy levels as well, such as the rating of proposed personal protective equipment, or evaluated onset to second degree burn energy. Set arc duration cut-off in the 2 to 10 seconds range. Create warning labels in English and a variety of international languages. Preview, save arc flash labels in high resolution graphic format. Save input configuration, protection device information, equipment image. Perform analysis using metric, imperial units. Send extended report including equipment data, calculation results, warning label.
Operating System iOS