NameCheap DDNS Updater

A Dynamic DNS Updater created for use with NameCheap's Dynamic DNS Services. Created because the available clients just didn't cut it. Update frequencies are between 15 minutes and 1 day. Host: If your website is, then Host would be "@". If your website is, then Host would be "www". Domain: If your website is either or, then Domain would be "". DDNS Password: This is the Dynamic DNS Password provided by NameCheap. This is NOT your account password. IP: If you choose to manually enter the IP, enter it here. Otherwise, check the box for Auto Discover IP. Auto Discover IP: If you check this, NameCheap will set your IP as the external IP from which you submit the update. Last Successful Update: Last time a successful update was submitted. Update Interval: How often to send an update to NameCheap. If an error is encountered, the first cell of the problem row will have a red background. The actual error will be listed in the status box at the bottom of the app.
License Free
File Size 34.19 kB
Operating System Windows XP Windows Server 2008 Windows 2003 Windows Windows Vista Windows 7