NameCheap DDNS Updater

A Dynamic DNS Updater created for use with NameCheap's Dynamic DNS Services. Created because the available clients just didn't cut it. Update frequencies are between 15 minutes and 1 day. Host: If your website is http://sample.com, then Host would be "@". If your website is http://www.sample.com, then Host would be "www". Domain: If your website is either http://sample.com or http://www.sample.com, then Domain would be "sample.com". DDNS Password: This is the Dynamic DNS Password provided by NameCheap. This is NOT your account password. IP: If you choose to manually enter the IP, enter it here. Otherwise, check the box for Auto Discover IP. Auto Discover IP: If you check this, NameCheap will set your IP as the external IP from which you submit the update. Last Successful Update: Last time a successful update was submitted. Update Interval: How often to send an update to NameCheap. If an error is encountered, the first cell of the problem row will have a red background. The actual error will be listed in the status box at the bottom of the app.
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